The room salon industry is a never-ending cycle of trends and new ideas. From 강남 야구장 룸싸롱 to boho chic, there’s always something new and exciting in the world of salons. But which trends are here to stay and which are fading away? Read on to find out what’s hot, and what’s not in the industry.

1. Minimalism

Minimalism has been gaining traction for years, with more people embracing this style to reduce stress, save money, and create an understated but stylish look. It sees individuals stripping back their decorating choices to keep their focus on simple lines, clean colours, and natural materials like wood or stone. This trend will likely stay strong in 2020 as it continues to appeal to those seeking low-maintenance spaces that don’t require too much upkeep while still looking great.

2. Natural Elements

In recent years natural elements have become increasingly popular in room salons with many people opting for organic materials such as wood floors or stone walls. The use of natural light, plants, and raw textiles like jute rugs or linen curtains also adds warmth and depth without being overbearing on the eyes. As a bonus, these elements also help make rooms feel larger than they actually are—perfect if you have limited space but still want your salon to be luxurious and inviting!

3. Urban Industrial Designs

Urban industrial designs have grown in popularity due to their minimalist yet edgy aesthetic that combines modernity with vintage charm. These designs often incorporate exposed brick walls, metal accents, concrete floors, open shelving, geometric lighting fixtures, leather furniture, etc., all of which combine to create a unique blend of industrial elements that add a lot of character when done right. In addition, urban industrial design tends to require less effort when it comes to cleaning, as most of its components (such as brick walls) can simply be wiped down with a damp cloth.

4. Technology integration

Technology integrations have quickly become popular in salons due to the convenience they offer to clients who need quick access to services or products they may need during their visit. Integrated technology allows salon owners to easily set up touch screens for ordering hair care products, tablets for online appointment booking, and digital displays to show current promotions/offers available in the salon – all making life easier for both clients and salon owners alike!

5. Boho chic decorations

Boho chic decor brings an eclectic mix of colours and textures to any space, while still feeling relaxed and comfortable. This trend incorporates vibrant patterns along with earthy tones & rustic textures such as woven baskets & macrame wall hangings, creating a warm, cosy atmosphere perfect for unwinding after a long day! The combination of vintage items & modern touches creates an interesting visual contrast that’s sure to turn heads when people enter your salon!

6. Colourful artwork

Adding pieces of art to any room setting helps to add personality & energy to the space while adding pops of colour throughout. Whether you choose bold abstract prints or beautiful watercolour landscapes, art pieces strategically placed around your salon will definitely give it that ‘wow’ factor you’re looking for! Not only do these pieces help to attract the attention of clients, but they also act as conversation starters between clients, making them feel more welcome when they arrive!

7. Gangnam Baseball Stadium Room Salon

The Gangnam Baseball Stadium Room Salon is one of Korea’s most popular salon types, inspired by traditional baseball stadium architecture combined with contemporary design elements. Its distinctive features include semi-transparent partitions made from recycled plastic that provide privacy for customers while keeping the interior well-lit. This type of environment provides relaxation through its open space layout, giving the ‘feel of being at a sporting event’ – making it the perfect venue for special occasions such as birthday parties or wedding receptions!

8. Energy-Efficient Solutions

With climate change becoming more prevalent than ever, energy-efficient solutions have become essential within the industry. Salons are now using LED lighting systems instead of incandescent bulbs, along with motion sensors that automatically switch off lights when areas aren’t in use – helping to reduce electricity consumption by 30% to 40% depending on usage habits! As well as reducing energy costs, these solutions also help to promote healthier working environments, free from the toxic chemical emissions found in standard light bulbs, thus protecting the health of employees + customers from potential harm caused by air pollutants!

Overall, there’s no denying how dynamic and fast-paced our industry can be at times! With so many trendy looks coming out every year – we want everyone reading this article today to take note of what factors will bring success to their own individual businesses, whilst staying safe in the process!


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